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What is H2C?
A social marketplace that automates the closing process. A place where vendors and agents can interact professionally, easily schedule services and effectively take more Homes2Close.
What is a social marketplace?
A platform where vendors and agents network and build relationships that pay off.
Who can sign up?
Real estate agents and real estate professionals. Clients (buyers and sellers) will be invited by their agent to use the software once they are under contract.
How does it help my business?
Home2Close brings agents and vendors together by automating the contract to close portion of the process. It gives your clients immediate and up-to-date information of the status of their home. We make it easy for your clients to feel like that are not just informed but actually involved in the process through their online portal. Clients love this hands on approach, have a better home buying experience and will refer their friends and family because of it!
How do I sign up?
Easy. Click the Sign up button on either the Agent or Vendor tab and follow the prompts. You will be up and closing more homes in no time.
How does it work?
Once you have signed up you will create a profile, You will search your favorite vendors, and then you will add your contract details and let Home2Close start saving you time and money!
So what’s the catch?
There’s no catch, there are no minimum or maximum homes for you to sell, we’re here to serve you regardless of the size of your business.